Sunday, July 29, 2012

Cosmoprof 2012... The Exhibitors!

today i wanted to take you through a bunch of the exhibits from Cosmoprof in pictures... so, this post will be loaded down with photos :D i hope you all get at least of taste of what it was like to wander around this giant place!

first off, we went past the Jessica booth... i didn't really get a chance to talk to the vendors there, but i did take a couple shots! i really liked how funky and mod their booth was, it looked more like an actual showroom than any other booth i saw. find them at...

and here's a close up of that AMAZING chandelier... i want one for my craft room!

this is Destany (Confessions of a Sarcastic Mom) getting some lashes put on at the American International Industries booth... we all took turns :D they are huge company that own gems like China Glaze and Seche Vite!

my turn :)

a new to me company is Gelaxy... they are wonderful! they have a huge line of over 300 gel polishes and many of those have matching colors in regular nail polish, brand named B Touch. they did this for the customer who likes a gel manicure, but prefers polish for a pedicure! they gave me a B Touch polish to try, and i have to say i'm impressed... review coming up! i will also have information in the review on where to purchase :)

they also have an extensive line of nail art polishes!

i didn't take many pictures at the Nubar booth, but these are two collections that i think i'm definitely going to have purchase in full! find them at...

Prisms (i apologize for the glare, i had no idea it was so bad when i took the photo!)


i didn't get to talk to anyone from Milani (and i actually have yet to try their polish!) but their board showing off their polish colors is just so pretty, i had to share :) find them at...

i had to share this photo of Julie G with her nail line from Jesse's Girl... it's just so cute :)

and Jesse's Girl regular polish line... with a bit of their cosmetics in the shot, as well! find them at...

Beauty Treats is another brand i hadn't heard of before... i didn't have time to talk to the vendors, but i wanted to share the display because it was so pretty and full of color. plus, major bonus if you're American, it's made in the USA :) find them at...

i'm going to finish up with a brand that debuted at Cosmoprof, Cuccio Colour. they have gorgeous colors and the one i swatched had a great brush and was super pigmented. i will have review on it... coming up! i can't wait for this company to come out in stores, they are making a great start! this is a professional lacquer, so it won't be available at places like Walmart, though.

here's one of their racks...

and some collections... i'm really loving the colors in the Eye Candy one!

i realized as i was editing that i had way more photos for some brands... so, they will be getting their own posts! i hope you enjoyed seeing what i saw at the Conference! Ria :)


  1. Mmm... those Cuccio Colour polishes look nice. I wonder when CosmoProf stores will get them? *stalking mode engaged*

    1. i'm super excited for them! i'm hoping Sally's will get them, since i can't shop at CosmoProf!

  2. I love that picture of Julie G! It's so her!!

    1. that's exactly what i thought! she seems like such a happy soul :)

  3. I noticed the bad ass chandelier in the first pic and before I read even one word of what you typed....then I saw the second pic....swoon. That is the ultimate polish hoarders lighting fixture LOL. I love it!!!!!

    Does Cuccio Colors have something against green?? I love the blues and purples but why no green?? It's one of my fav colors at the moment. Green and coral...not together, although it could be pretty lol.


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