Thursday, July 26, 2012

Cosmoprof 2012... Famous Faces!

i'm hoping tomorrow to do my big Cosmoprof experience post, today i spent most of the day sleeping again... apparently, i got dehydrated at while at the conference! so, i'm trying to get my electrolytes back up with Gatorade... good thing i love Gatorade :)

i wanted to post pictures of the amazing ladies i got to meet while at Cosmoprof... it's really awesome to be able to meet people you admire so much!

this is me with Zoya... THE Zoya of Zoya nail polish! it was an incredible honor to meet her :)

this is Julie G from Jesse's Girl cosmetics... she is just as nice in person as she seems in her Youtube videos!

and Rebecca Rachael (Jesse's daughter!), a make up artist who designed a totally new brushroll! check it out on her arm... it's such a great idea! buy it at...

this is me and Shelley (Polarbellewith entrepreneur Sinead Norenius... you might have seen her on HSN with her Beautisol self tanner!

this is me with Katie Cazorla, the star of the reality show 'Nail Files'! it comes on Sundays at 9 on the TV Guide Network.

she even autographed a sheet for my blog... so sweet!!

and finally, i met Maria Morrison from Cult Nails... she is SO nice! and it's always exciting to meet another Maria :)

i have on giant feather eyelashes in that last picture, which is why i look a little strange! it was so fun to meet all these ladies, all of them are so successful and inspiring. 

which of these ladies would you want to meet the most? why? or can you even pick just one?? let me know! Ria :)


i'd love to hear from you guys! let me know if you have any questions or advice :)