Saturday, July 7, 2012

Julep Maven :: June 2012 It Girl Box

today we went to a Celtic festival at the fairgrounds... i confess, i mostly went just to see the sheepdog demonstration! frankly, it was very disappointing. the dogs didn't listen... maybe they were just overwhelmed with all the people? however, they were very cute :) we saw some traditional dancing... very cool, and my favorite part ended up being the Scottish games! it is astonishing how strong those people are... it was exciting to see girls compete in their own events, i thought it would just be men. of course, the coolest thing to see is the guys tossing the caber (the big telephone pole)!

awesome news... my June Julep It Girl box FINALLY caught up to me! it's been looking for me ever since i moved... only took about a month... i'm just glad it's here :D i got five polishes, including two extras i added on, a lip balm, and two replacement brushes. apparently, a lot of people got faulty brushes in a previous box, and this is their way of making it right... good move, Julep! on to the pictures!

all the goodies... loved the Pixi sticks!

the balm and the brushes...

the brushes are the original Julep style, not the new fatter type!

and the best part, the polishes!!

hooray for nail mail :D let me know if you guys would like a review of the lip balm... it's by Julep, but it definitely has nothing to do with nails. hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend! Ria :)


  1. The purple and pink look so pretty...
    It was a long time ago by now, but how was the lip balm? I'm thinking about getting it.

    1. i actually never got to try the lip balm! i opened it up and there was a hair or fiber or something in it... yuckkkk. i should have gotten in touch with Julep, but i forgot. if you get it, let me know what you think! :)


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