Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Julep Maven :: July 2012 It Girl Box

did my most hated of chores today... the grocery store! yuckkkkk. i also spent quite a while trying to get my Cosmoprof trip booked... i kept thinking my session was timing out before i could finish paying. it turns out... the flights i was trying to book don't exist! the Priceline lady was like... i've never seen this before... (because it was showing the same phantom flights on her end, too). SO, i'm taking a break and trying again tomorrow :D we also started Jewelsie's obedience school today... it's clicker training, and i'm a dunce clicker (basically, you click this little button when the dog does the right thing... but i always click at the wrong time!). she's smart, but she is definitely stubborn... lots of practice in our future :)

i got my Julep Maven July It Girl box today! i realized that i had accidentally put 'July' in the title of the 'June' post... that's fixed now... i feel even more like a dunce for that one :) this box came with its usual three polishes, and the treatie for this month was another polish... best treatie ever!! it's their 'America' glitter, which is red, white, blue, and has star pieces. we shall have to see if those babies come out, because i could only see one or two in the bottle... super sparse! i didn't get any add on polishes this month, so this stuff is all from the actual It Girl box.

what's inside...

the polishes!

looking at the America bottle shot... you can't see any stars in there! i just looked closely at the bottle, i can see three tiny little stars in the whole thing. i'm really wondering if any are going to come out at all... comment and let me know if you've tried it out already! Ria :)


  1. You're going to love this box! (I mostly did anyways...)

    1. that extra free polish just makes it seem more amazing, no matter what's in it :)


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