Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Maybelline Color Show Purple Possibilities

Happy 4th to all my American friends out there :) in the US we have a tradition of shooting off fireworks to celebrate our nation's birth, but... Monterey has a permanent fireworks ban... and extends it even to itself, so no fireworks display here! they had a laser light show instead... but it only allowed in 3,000 people and Monterey has over 20,000 residents, so i'm not sure how that worked out! i wouldn't get involved in that craziness even if i could see lasers without getting sick :D

today we have Maybelline Color Show Purple Possibilities, a shimmery purple crackle. this is the polish i bought by accident, thinking it was a regular polish! i have to say, i'm not super impressed. the color is pretty, a very blue toned purple with subtle shimmers, but the formula is... just okay. it works the best when you apply a thin coat with no overlapping brushstrokes, but that causes the coverage to be somehow uneven... you can see the streaks on my middle and ring fingers! in the light they aren't too noticeable, which is good. i tried doing multiple brushstrokes on my pointer finger to get really good coverage, and it didn't crack very well on its own. however, when i applied the Seche Vite, it decided to get cracking, and now looks really good!

one coat Purple Possibilities, one coat Seche Vite, over my Mod About You mani!

you can see how much less visible the brushstrokes are on my outside fingers which are being hit directly by the light, that's pretty much how the polish looks in person without close examination! hope everyone had a fantastic day!! Ria :)

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