Tuesday, July 24, 2012

So, Ria... What Nail Stuff Did You Bring To Cosmoprof?

whew, late post today! i have had such an awesome day... i spent most of it wandering the Cosmoprof floor, then we had the Layla cocktail party tonight... i'll talk about that in my Cosmoprof post on Layla :) suffice it to say... they are an amazing company! after the party ended, the Polar Belle and i were starved, so we went to a little diner inside Mandalay... and it was awesome! i highly recommend trying out Red, White, and Blue if you come to Vegas and want a little American style diner... the name is a little wonk, though!

i thought i'd show you just how little nail stuff this nail blogger brought to Vegas. look and be amazed!

can you believe it?! acetone, buffer, pointy Qtips, file, and three Layla Hologram Effects! when i got to my hotel, i realized i had even forgotten cotton balls to use with the remover, so i had to buy some... but since they didn't come on the plane, i figured they didn't count in the what i brought department :) when i went through my stuff to do this post, i thought for sure i'd brought more than that... turns out i scaled way down! i brought three polishes because i wanted to change my nails each day and again for the Layla party... sadly, i never had time to switch out from the Ultra Violet, which is what i put on Sunday morning! happy news, though... Seche Vite adds massive amounts of wear time to the Holograms, which for everyday wear makes it worth slightly dulling the holo effect (at least to me!).

it's nearly one a.m. and i have to get up super early to catch my flight... that's going to be tough! i'm majorly bummed that i'm not going to the last day of the conference... but i can't wait to see my husband and dogs. hope you all have had a great start to your week! Ria :)

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