Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Layla Party!

last night i went the amazing Layla cocktail party! it was really cool to be able to interact with the ladies behind Layla (it’s pronounced lye-luh, by the way… i had no idea!) and find out more about the company, including its origins. since i had never heard of the company until this year, i was shocked to learn that they’ve been around since the 1930s in Italy! the founder learned how to make nail polish working near the docks in New York City, and brought the trade back to Italy… how cool is that!?  they actually make a lot more types of makeup products than polish, but to the best of my knowledge, those aren’t available in the US :( if they are as good as their polishes, they are absolutely amazing! i will definitely let you know if i find a place that stocks their makeup! Layla has some exciting new collections coming out, but (ah, tease!) i’m going to talk about those in a different post :D

this is me with the Layla ladies!

and this is the super generous goodie bag Layla gave out! i CANNOT WAIT to start swatching and playing with these babies… a couple new collections in there!

it was great to be able to mingle and chat with other bloggers, having a couple cocktails. during the conference we were all so busy working that we weren’t able to just hang out. i can't tell you how awesome it is to be around other people who are crazay for polish... all my friends in real life just don't get it :D and of course, spending time with the Layla ladies was absolutely amazing!

i’m currently on a plane right now, flying home… i’m a bit bummed that i missed the last day of Cosmoprof (especially i miss my new friends!!), but i can’t wait to see my husband and doggies! Happy Tuesday! Ria :)


  1. Missed you today! It was great hanging out with you =]! Until next year!


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