Sunday, August 19, 2012

Basically... Poshe AHA Cuticle Care

did a pretty thorough job on the hermit crab tank today, they needed everything refreshed and the sand wet down. those are some happy crabbies right now, everyone is out exploring :) they live in a 55 gallon aquarium that is a third full of sand (so they can bury under and molt), which means they have quite a bit to explore!

today's review is a Basically...  post for your cuticles! i was formerly was using Sally Hansen Nails & Cuticles Hand Creme, but i was given a tube of Poshe AHA Cuticle Care at Cosmoprof and i'm in love with it! it's really moisturizing and i can tell a huge difference when i use it. the best part is that the scent is very faint and doesn't bother me at all. that was my major issue with the Sally Hansen cream... the strong citrus was tolerable, but not preferable! another great benefit is that it sinks in quickly and doesn't dry shiny... that way i can use it when i'm swatching :)

Poshe AHA claims to exfoliate and hydrate, as per the packaging... it definitely hydrates, i'm not sure exactly what it means by exfoliate. there aren't any polishing particles, so all the exfoliation must be chemical. i do have fewer hangnails when i use it faithfully... but whether that's just because of my cuticles being really hydrated or to the exfoliating properties of AHA, i couldn't say!

check out the packaging, AHA is a small tube which comes in a cardboard box.

the tube itself looks like this...

the next photo will be of the nozzle of the tube... it's elongated, which makes application easy. i generally put a thin line of cream around my nail on each finger, then massage it into my cuticles. any left over product i smooth down the rest of my fingers and hands! 

i'm so happy to have found this product! the only downside is that is a fairly small tube. it retails for $6.99 at Ulta, so the price is quite reasonable for this type of product! the tube also suggests use on elbows and feet, but i haven't tried it out on those, yet. if it works as a well as it does on my cuticles, it will be awesome! that brings it around to the drawback of the small tube, i feel like i don't want to 'waste' it by having to use a large quantity of on a bigger body part, like my feet!

have any of you tried this product out? let me know what you think! Ria :)

:: this product was given to me for review, these are my honest opinions! ::


  1. This sounds like a great product! Ulta is so far away for me but I'm sure its available online :) going to have to check it out!

    1. i actually got that price from Ulta's website! i have to buy a new tube this week myself... Jewels decided to eat it yesterday >.<


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