Friday, August 24, 2012

Civilian Nails of the Week... Mama Pawlish!

we tried a new Italian place today, hoping that it would be Northern Italian food like we enjoy (especially since we are Northern Italian!). sadly, it was like most place around here... Cali puts their own spin on food. it's not bad, but it's also not what i'm looking for. they had meat and spinach in the manicotti... i was SO disappointed, because manicotti with cheese is one of my all time fave foods. if you live around Monterey, please suggest some good places to eat :)

you read the title right, today's Nail Civilian is none other than Mama Pawlish! her nails are absolutely amazing... and does nothing but file them! aren't genetics crazy?? my nails are brittle and peel, hers are rock hard and basically perfect. am i jelly? well, yeah! the funny thing is, she doesn't like them to be long... so i asked her to grow them out and then let me take a picture, just so i could show off how completely gorgeous they are :D

i can't get over how white the tips of her nails are... before mine were yellow from all the polish, they were fairly clear. i actually used to use a special white pencil (do they still make those?) to color under the tips with to make them look white! Mama Pawlish actually didn't start letting me really use nail polish until middle or high school... guess i'm making up for lost time!

do you have amazing nails and aren't part of the nail industry? i'd love for you to be one of my Nail Civilians! comment below or shoot me an email! Happy Friday! Ria :)


  1. Get out, Mama Pawlish!!! What amazing nails. I'm pretty impressed!

  2. Her nails are very pretty! I naturally have white tips and really strong nails but I always have polish on them lol My index fingernails start looking witch like with their curve when they get long ugh!

    1. do you do anything special to help your nails be so strong, or are you just lucky?? :D


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