Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Cosmoprof 2012... Color Club

i have the best riding instructor! i told her about the issues i was having finding half chaps that fit... and she had a used pair that fit perfectly... for the bargain price of $20! it doesn't get better than that! i can't even describe the difference riding today with them... no pinched leggies, and much less slipping around the saddle. i also managed to trot without nearly falling off... a definite improvement over last week :) i'm really going to have to start working out... i had no idea what a total body athlete you needed to be for horseback riding!

today we are checking out the offerings Color Club had at Cosmoprof! today was going to be the last Cosmoprof post, i was planning on combining Color Club with their new sister line Ruby Wing... but once i finished editing pictures, i realized the Color Club alone would make a massive post! so, be sure to check back tomorrow for Ruby Wing... polishes that change color in sunlight!

i'll kick right off with what everyone's been talking about... the Color Club Halo Hues collection... which is... HOLOGRAPHICS! woowoo! the company had said at Cosmoprof that the collection would release today (August 15), but it didn't end up happening... not sure when the actual release date will be (sadly!). these next photos are the display and then the swatch sticks in different lighting.

Color Club is answering one of the biggest trends happening now with their Magnetic Force collection!

the name of this collection just seems so sexy to me... Winter Affair. it helps that the tagline is... a little naughty, a lot nice! i do love a good jewel tone... and that's a flakie on the right end!

their In True Fashion collection has some amazing colors... unfortunately, the only picture i got of it is off center and missing polishes! i did take a close up of the amazing purple to green duochrome, though!

the next photo is Color Club's nail wraps, and the four after that are all of displays from the booth... there were so many great collections!

seriously... can you tell how much i was drooling in this booth? polish, polish everywhere! which from all this has you drooling the most? Happy Wednesday... halfway to the weekend! Ria :)


  1. Waiting for the holos... I'm a happy camper.

  2. The holos for sure!!! Can't wait!!

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