Monday, August 13, 2012

Cosmoprof 2012... ncLA

i have a terrible habit of reading emails on my phone and then forgetting about them... i just went through and answered multiple old emails today, and i still have more to go! i probably should answer them through the phone... but when you have a lot to say, using that little touch keyboard is such pain. plus, i never use capital letters... so, if you get messages from me that have proper capitalization... it's definitely sent from my phone because it auto-corrects!

today's Cosmoprof exhibitor is ncLA! i had heard of them before the conference, but i had never actually seen their products in person. i was so happy to be given one of their polishes to review... the square bottles are so pretty and i love the little black boxes they come in... packaging is a huge bonus with me!

here are their basic displays...

these sets will come with three polishes... one of which will be exclusive to that set!

as you can see peeking out from the corner in the above picture, ncLA has gotten some great positive press in magazines! here are the two tears they had up in their booth... i swoon over that foreign Vogue!!

and last up, they have some gorgeous nail wraps!

this brand gives off such a slick, modern vibe... i really like it! please check out their website at i really love the model's makeup on their current homepage! (it's a blonde with dark, smoky eyes and pink lips!)

Mr. Pawlish had a test today and has another tomorrow... so glad i'm not the one in school! he's making up flash cards right now so that i can quiz him later... i guess i'm getting a little taste of school after all :D Happy Monday!! Ria :) 

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