Thursday, August 2, 2012

Cosmoprof 2012... Nicka K

we had doggie obedience school today... Jewesie is very smart... which means she can be really, really stubborn! we're working on it all, though. she learns everything quickly, but getting her consistently follow commands is the major issue... we'll get there :)

today we are taking a look at Nicka K's booth at Cosmoprof! this post will include products other than nail polish... surprise! i will be branching the blog out a little bit into other products... but the main focus, by far, will remain polish :) check out Nicka K's website at...!

i'm going to kick off with polish... look how beautiful their regular line is! i'm not seeing this bottle shape on their website yet, though.

and an up-close of the bottle... this one grabbed my eye instantly... imagine how excited i was to receive a bottle for review! and let me tell you, it didn't disappoint... i have it on now, the review will be tomorrow's post! how utterly divine is the bottle?!

next up, the display for their magnetic polishes!

here's a look at just the bottles... they have some great colors! i will be posting a review of the green one soon :)

these are the displays for their liquid eyeliner and solid perfumes. i'm not going to be reviewing any of those, but a bunch of the other bloggers who attended Cosmoprof will be!

these next few shots are pictures of their skincare. they have innovative things, like tissue masks, and things that makes life so much easier, like makeup removal wipes. 

how good a sport was James from the Nicka K booth?!

and here's their eye products!

how cute are these eye pads?

i hope you're enjoying getting a peek at these booths from Cosmoprof... it's the closest i can get to bringing everyone with me :D 

i'm super excited to be reviewing some of these products, the associates were so generous to share samples with bloggers!

in case you're wondering, i am wearing Layla Hologram Effect Ultra Violet on my nails! does it feel like Thursday to anyone else? i don't know why i'm jumping ahead this week! Happy Wednesday! Ria :)

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