Thursday, August 16, 2012

Cosmoprof 2012... Ruby Wing

i saw this post today from Nouveau Cheap which said that bottles of Essie Starry Starry Night had been spotted at Big Lots here in the US... so  i duly located a Big Lots relatively close to me... but *le sigh* nothing! i did, however, make a spectacular find today, along with some other great stuff... that will all be in my haulage post tomorrow :D

today is my last Cosmoprof post! we are checking out Ruby Wing, a sister line Color Club, which is comprised completely of nail polishes that change color in the sun! these aren't available for purchase yet... but i will definitely let you know when i hear something! on to some examples of the goods :)

the first picture is the polish in regular lighting, the second is what the polish will look like in the sun!

massive difference, right? this next picture is one of their displays, the one after is a rack with the colors they'll be offering!

i love the butterflies in the logo... i love butterflies so much, i automatically want to like a brand more when they use them :D the next photo is showing the color change... the swatch stick on the left is after sun exposure, the one on the right is before! unfortunately, some of the polishes had already started to fade by the time my camera would focus... sorry :( the only good thing about that is you can actual see in some polishes where the actual colors are changing!

what do you guys think about color changing polish? i'm curious to see how these compare to Del Sol polishes (Del Sol makes all sorts of products that change color in the sun!).

i hope you've enjoyed seeing what i saw at Cosmoprof... it was an amazing experience! i hope that i'm able to go again next year... if i do, i will definitely be posting all about it! Ria :)


  1. Love it! Crazy how drastically they change! I just ordered a mood polish from bornprettystore hoping I like it. Ruby Wing colors seem a lot prettier though :)

    1. mood polish, that sounds so cool! these colors really are pretty in person :)


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