Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Cosmoprof 2012... Rusk Event!

my half chaps (for horseback riding) came in today... but when i went to pick them up, they didn't fit! i'm so disappointed, that means i'll be getting more bruises on my legs tomorrow :( i apparently have really short calves... so, the hunt will continue for a brand that's short enough but not too small around!

today's Cosmoprof post is on the Rusk Deepshine Keratin Smoothing System event i attended! i really enjoyed learning about their new product line :) it's nice because you can get their professional Deepshine Keratin treatment done at a salon, but they also shampoo, conditioner, and treatments that let you keep up the style at home! Rusk was super generous and gave everyone who attended the event full size products to try out... so both my mom and i have been using them... and they're really awesome! i will have a full review (including comments from Mama Pawlish!) coming up shortly!

this is the display that was set up in the front of the room... very chic!

these are the adorable cupcakes that were just for the event! i had the pink one, which was strawberry :D

Gerald Caruso (a member of the Creative Team at Rusk!) gave the seminar... he was really informative and also made the presentation interesting!

this model is demonstrating the effects of the Deepshine treatment on the right side of her head... big difference, right? one thing Rusk stressed at the seminar was that Deepshine is NOT a straightening treatment! it smooths the hair, making it more sleek and manageable :)

i hope this post gave you a little idea what it was like to be at the event... let me know if you have any questions! any specific questions about the actual products i'm testing out i will try my best to answer in the review post :D

i *think* tomorrow will be my last post on Cosmoprof 2012! it will be on Color Club and Ruby Wing polishes... they are coming out with some pretty exciting stuff! Ria :)


  1. aw, can't wait to hear what Mama Pawlish has to say!

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