Friday, August 10, 2012

Cosmoprof 2012... Sation!

i tried to buy my riding gear today... but owing to my oddly shaped body, i ended up ordering everything! i'm really hoping the half chaps come in before my next lesson on Wednesday... i desperately want to avoid getting my leggies pinched in the stirrup straps again! i'm just glad i have my own helmet... wearing a helmet someone else has been sweating in is soooo gross!

today's Cosmoprof post highlights Sation polish by Miss Professional... a new to me brand that ended up being one of my absolute favorites from the entire convention! one thing that really stood out about Sation was the people... they were excited about their product and really wanted to share it with us bloggers. they have an extensive line of core colors, with more to come... including some MATTE GLITTERS! they recently changed their brushes to high quality 520 count nylon bristles... which i've been able to try out, and they are awesome. they are full size .5 fluid ounce bottles and they retail for only $5! please check out their website at and shop for Sation here :)

check out their core display... they call it a rainbow rack... don't you want one for your house?? the third photo has their new matte glitters in the top rows... wish i had taken closeup shots!

this is their little rack... i'm pretty sure it has a special name, too... but i've forgotten! comment below if you know!

here's a preview of their upcoming collection, Little Horse on the Prairie!

Sation also had set up little swatch displays, they are so pretty! the last picture is a closeup of the a few of the matte glitters :D

i'm so excited to see a mainstream brand stepping out into the fresh trend of matte glitters! i will definitely be purchasing some (or all!) of these babies when they come out. Sation was lovely enough to give me three polishes, so reviews of those will be coming up!

what do you guys think of the matte glitter trend? see anything in these photos that strikes your fancy? Happy Friday!! Ria :)

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