Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Cosmoprof 2012... Shany Cosmetics

hey, everyone! i hope you are all doing well :) i'm really ticked off at my Tivo... it didn't record the Olympic equestrian show jumping last night! i think i can watch it online, but that's a really long event to watch on my laptop. bummer. but, congratulations to the US women's gymnastic team on their gold medal! :D

today i wanted to show you some pictures of a new cosmetics brand called Shany... you can check them out at! i only took pictures of their polish, but they make all types of cosmetics :) let's get right to the photos!

here's a look at their regular polish selection...

a close-up of the bottle... how gorgeous is this color?!

and their nail art polishes...

i'm not sure all the regular polishes have matching nail art colors, but a lot definitely do!

they have a traditional French tip kit...

and some modern effect polishes, like crackle...

and the huge rage, magnetic! it looks like there's a mix of magnet designs in the pack, which would be awesome!

and this is super exciting, stamping plates! on their website right now, 25 plates is on sale for $14.99... fab price point!

right now, i'm not seeing any of their polishes on their website... i'll keep you updated. what do you guys think of what you've seen so far? have any of you actually tried any of their products?

in case you're wondering, i have Layla Hologram Effect Ultra Violet on my nails in the photos where my thumb in is the shot! hope your week gets off to a great start! Ria :)


  1. That's an amazing deal for those stamping plates!

  2. They have a ton of other fantastic deals on their site. The polishes are indeed on their website but SOLD OUT so you won't be able to find it easily (I have the links though in case you're interested). The other thing is that the polishes are not sold individually but in whole sets. If I recall correctly the nail art sets are $25 for 25 bottle and the regular polish is $29.95 for 24 bottles.

    My only complaint about the art polish bottles is those are VERY fragile in transport as the set Payam (CEO/Founder) gave me a set at IMATS but didn't make it home intact, least one bottle didn't. :( Luckily it was only one color that broke and it broke in a way that the polish dried formed a seal so the rest of the polish inside is usable but I can't remove it from the stand. I think the packaging needs a bit of a cushion on bottom and on top or bubble wrap on the top and bottom to prevent the bottles from breaking.

    The magnetic polishes come in two variety packs with six colors each but I don't recall the price on it. I want to say that it's like $12 but off hand I don't recall if it is or isn't.

    The plates are on par with Konad's plates (which I bought in Vegas three years ago) yet it's only $12 for 25 plates. The nail art tools are like $8 for one set (14-pc purple) and $5 for the other set (6-pc black and red handle).

    Their cosmetics are on par with Coastal Scents. I'm still testing the products from IMATS.

    All their products are also sold on Amazon and fulfilled by so if you can't find it on their website check for Shany Cosmetics.

    Their new website should be going live soon (I was told back in June that it would be up sometime in August).

    1. oh my gosh, thank you so much for sharing all of that! i understand now why i couldn't find most of the products i was looking for :) i definitely want to try out their plates. i hope you're doing well!!


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