Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Cosmoprof 2012... SpaRitual

i had my first big girl horseback riding lesson today! riding English sure is different than Western... especially since i was even riding Western 'correctly'. i really had no idea just how many muscles it takes to keep correct posture and control of the horse. i even almost fell off when i tried trotting... so i spent the rest of the lesson learning how to balance... which means i spent a lot of it in a position where you're basically squatting in the stirrups... owwwie. BUT it was so fun!! i'm so excited to finally be riding after being a horse lover my whole life :)

today's post will be showcasing the displays from SpaRitual's booth at Cosmoprof! they have some really gorgeous colors coming out, and i really love their bottles... they're just so cute.

first we have their regular polish showcase displays...

and displays of their special collections... this first one has actual gold flakes in it... how cool is that?!

all of these look so amazing... i really want to try out the one third from the right in the Metal collection... i can't tell if it's a duochrome or just reflection off the other bottles... either way it looks like a luscious wine color!

check out SpaRitual at their website...!

we're halfway through the week! i hope you all are having a great one, Happy Wednesday! Ria :)

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