Saturday, August 18, 2012

Haulage... Maybelline Scene on the Runway!

i had a date day with my husband today... which was lovely :) we stopped in at Rite Aid since there was one at the mall where we were because i wanted to see if i could find more Revlon Moon Candy polishes... i found two i didn't have yet, but the last two (the blue ones!) still elude me. the great thing i stumbled across was a Maybelline Color Show fall collection! i hadn't heard any rumbling about one, so i was delighted to see this one! the colors were so beautiful i decided to just get the whole thing... it's a total of six polishes. they retail for $3.99 at Rite Aid... one thing to keep in mind is that Color Show polishes are about half the size of polishes like OPI... which may explain them being half the price!

the collection is called Scene on the Runway... here's the display!

here's a look at the colors closeup! there are a few duochromes (including a try at the infamous Chanel Peridot)... they are a bit too sheer in my opinion, but i will have reviews on all them :) i'm most excited about the polish at the very bottom of the picture, Downtown Brown... it's just like my favorite eye shadow, which is Lancome Brown Mist. they are both browns with tealy green reflects... so beautiful!

and here are the two Revlon Moon Candies i got my little paws on!

i plan on having a review up tomorrow... i'm not sure of what, though! i can't believe i haven't done a review in so long... i plan to be getting back into the groove of those. let me know if there's anything you've seen on the blog that you would like to see a review of sooner rather than later! Ria :)


  1. wow! Pretty!! I haven't seen any of either of those yet. I've been on the hunt for the Revlon for so long I've pretty much given up. The maybelline look awwwwwwwesome!

    1. i'm still dreaming of those two blue ones!

  2. Love the maybellines you found duochromes are so pretty! Nice find on the Moon Candy I haven't had any luck finding the blue ones either :(


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