Friday, August 17, 2012

Haulage... With A Great Find!

got my horseback riding boots today! i'm really enjoying collecting all the pieces for my new hobby... but then... i pretty much just love shopping :D which brings me to my collective haul! these polishes were bought over the past few weeks, so i thought i'd do one big post with my most exciting find up first!

here it is... OPI DS Sapphire! i finally got pedicure (my feet were scary!) and when i went to pay, i saw this baby sitting in their case of polishes available for purchase. i was about to pass out! it's a beautiful light blue linear holo... i can't believe how strong the holographic properties are, it's nothing like the other DS polishes i own.

these are the three polishes i chose to get from the China Glaze Bohemian collection... the only other one i was interested in i was lucky enough to receive as a review sample :D

i got this pack of Revlons from Big Lots... i was irritated to get home and realize i already had the peach colored one, though! the price was still great for the three i didn't have, i think i only paid about six dollars.

here are some blue polishes i've picked up on my travels lately... i had no idea i bought so much blue lately! i guess it shows that it's my favorite polish color, huh? the blue glitter is a new installment in Essie's Luxeffects line!

all of the rest of the polishes i'm going to show i got at Marshall's! there was actually another set of Jessica minis, but since i usually hate minis i didn't get it. i wish i did now, the quality of the polishes is awesome! the little pack they came in is really cute... but i realized the polishes in there weren't what should have come with the set! so, i took another picture with the polishes out of the pack. the minis with the black lids have a much better quality brush than the ones with the silver lids. i do still prefer full size bottles by far though... i'm hoping Marshall's gets some of those in so i can try out the 'real' Jessica brush!

and last up, two packs of Barielles!

i'm trying out a new way to do Haulage posts, using multiple smaller pictures instead of one large picture with all the polishes in it. let me know which you prefer! have a fabulous weekend! Ria :)


  1. ooooo, i wanna shop in your neighborhood!!!

  2. I like smaller multiple pictures!

    1. thank you for the feedback, i plan to do those from now on!! :D

  3. I like the smaller pictures as well easier to see the colors :) Great haul! Especially the OPI DS Sapphire!

    1. thank you, i was so beyond excited to find that baby! i will keep up with the smaller pictures, thanks for the feedback! :D


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