Friday, August 3, 2012

I Bought a Konad! In Vegas!

the Ulta grand opening was not super exciting, but i did get a coupon for a free salon service (i'm getting microderm abrasion for the first time!) and my husband got a five dollar off coupon. i'll be posting a Haulage post of all the polish stuff i've gotten lately soon... maybe tomorrow? today is actually my wedding anniversary... Mr. Pawlish is pretty awesome, to head to Ulta on our anniversary. the best thing we did today was eating at my favorite restaurant for dinner, a Japanese steakhouse. somehow we ended up getting a whole hibachi table to ourselves, so it was like having a private chef! add that to be able to look at the ocean, while eating my fave food... it was just perfect :)

while i was in Vegas for Cosmoprof, i stopped at a kiosk in the mall (which i NEVER do!), i was drawn in by the 'Nail Art' sign. it turned out to be a booth which sold Konad, the nail stamping system! the girl who helped me pick things out was so nice and patient... if you are in Vegas, go see Erica at Fashion Show Mall at the kiosk in front of the Billabong store :) tell her the girl from Ria Loves Pawlish sent you... i think she'll remember me... i gave her a card, anyway! and definitely tell me, please :)

as for the Konad, it's so fun! i bought the little starter kit for $40... Erica added in an extra plate, which clinched the deal for me. this is how everything was packaged...

inside the little starter kit is two plates, three Konad polishes, a stamper, a polish scraper, a cuticle pusher, and some nail accent rhinestones!

and this is the three plates i got. the issue i'm having is that my nails are so long and thin, most of the patterns don't fit on them completely.

there is a pretty steep learning curve to using these, but i'm working on it! i just bought the knockoff version today, that will be in the upcoming Haulage post. i'm looking forward to being able to do Nail of the Day's with these... once i figure it all out! nothing i've done so far was good enough to actually share on the blog. one strange thing that happened was when i added Seche Vite over my white stamping... the white Konad polish turned yellow! i have no idea why o.O

this is the kiosk's website ::
and the official Konad site ::

what do you guys think about nail stamping? do you use a stamping system? is Konad worth the massive price difference? let me know! Ria :)


  1. Happy Anniversary!!! Sounds like a great day. :) When you try the konading, you have to report how you like it. I'm scared to try it because I don't wanna take the time to learn. LOL. One day. I always think it looks really cool tho.

    1. thank you!! :) i will definitely be reporting back, it's definitely got a learning curve on it! i can't seem to get the stamps to go down where i want them, they are always at the edge of my nail!

  2. I love doing nail stamps when I don't have time to freehand, and I have only used the knock-off stamping plates never used Konad. I have also only used regular polish and not any special polish. The only plates I've bought that I don't like are the 1st bundle monster set (due to small stamp size and a lot of them don't transfer well) I think the knock-off ones work great though :) and most any fast drying polish will work or any thick older polish

    1. thank you so much! i'm glad to hear that the less expensive ones work so well AND that a lot of polishes will work with them. i think i've been using polishes that aren't fast drying enough... *runs to try other polishes*


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