Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Layla Softouch Effect 04 Neon Pink

today was the dreaded chore day... the grocery store. i just hate it! it's so boring, and you spend all this money on food that you could be spending on something fun... like nail polish! or jewelry! :D since my mom moved in with us, it's at least a little better because she's more fun to go with. both Mr. Pawlish and i hate it so much we always used to fight while we were there... wow, that just sounds ridiculous now that i've typed it out! the good thing is we usually have taco salad every grocery store day since all the produce is fresh... and i love taco salad :D

today we have a beauty from Layla, it's from their new Softouch Effect line (which is part of their Ceramic Effect line) and is 04 Neon Pink. the ceramic effect polishes do have names, but they aren't on the bottles (at least that i can find!). the Softouch line is comprised of polishes that do not dry to a shiny finish, instead they dry down to a velvety matte... but unlike traditional matte polishes, these should stay matte for a long time! other 'matte' polishes are made from a powder that quickly loses the non-shiny effect. Softouch polishes stay matte because they are made with a wax... now how exactly it all works i don't understand, but so far so good. if the polishes lose their matte look, i will post again!

04 Neon Pink is not really neon, but it is a gorgeous pink! it's a very saturated fuchsia pink with blue and pink shimmers. you basically get two polishes in one with the Softouch line because you can wear it matte... but you can also add a topcoat to make it look like a traditional polish! adding on a topcoat really brings out the shimmers :) the formula is great, two coats for full opacity... and it has a nice wide brush!

two coats Neon pink, my pointer nail has a coat of Seche Vite so you can see the difference with topcoat!

this is my first time ever wearing a nail polish that isn't shiny... i still feel like i like a high shine finish the best. i'm going to keep these as is for now and see if they grow more on me over the next day! even if you only like shiny polishes, i highly recommend this one... i absolutely would buy this just to use like a traditional polish!

in the US you can get these polishes at www.NinjaPolish.com, they carry the most complete line of Laylas. you can find assorted Layla polishes at www.Zappos.comwww.Ulta.com and in Ulta stores! sadly, Ulta only has some of the Hologram Effect and Magneffect polishes. 04 Neon Pink retails on Ninja Polish for $9.95 for 10mL (which is a bit smaller than the size of polishes we usually see here in the US).

what do you think of these? would you wear them as they are meant to be worn, or would you tack on a topcoat? Happy Tuesday! Ria :)

:: this polish was given to me for review, these are my honest opinions! ::


  1. Very pretty! I think it looks great with and without topcoat.

    1. thank you! it really is wild how different they look in person, the effect is just not the same in a picture!


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