Thursday, August 23, 2012

Zoya Shay

so i'm trying to start exercising because i'm way to out of shape to ever become a great horseback rider... who knew you needed to be such an athlete?! headed over to the community center today and used their pool... i can't believe how out of shape i am! i actually used to be on the swim team! *le gasp* i have a question... my ears were killing me when i got out of the water, so i guess i need to get ear plugs, but the question is, why does the pool make my ears hurt??

today's polish is Zoya Shay, a gorgeous nudey, mannequin hand shade!  it is ever so slightly pearlescent, but the effect is very sneaky. this nude has strong pink undertones and is a bit dark for my extremely fair skin... but all those pink undertones helps it blend really well into my skin. while i love the mannequin effect, i think this polish would be absolutely stunning on darker skin tones... just effortlessly chic! the opacity is good with the polish, two coats was all it took. the formula was a bit thick and slightly sticky... but something happened with this bottle at the store. once i got Mr. Pawlish to pry it open, i saw that there was polish all around the top of the opening of the bottle and a bit down the ribbing... so it was definitely used before it came to me! leave a comment please if you've used this shade and experienced a different formula :D

two coats Shay, one coat Seche Vite.

i know shades like this aren't everyone's cuppa, but i think they are so elegant! what do you think? would you sport a mannequin hand? Ria :)

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