Saturday, September 15, 2012

Butter London Trustafarian

Mr. Pawlish and i headed over to Carmel today in search of riding gloves, due to the major owwie blister i got riding on Wednesday... success! i didn't really want to start riding with gloves because i think my hands will be really hot... but, better hot than bleeding :) we tried a new (to us!) steakhouse over there and it was really good... i much preferred the ambiance (and the food) of this one to the one we went to a few weeks ago.

i just had to go ahead and review the other holographic Butter London, Trustafarian! a couple days ago i reviewed Dodgy Barnett, which is a gorgeous silver holo. Trustafarian is a light green (with strong yellow tones) linear holo... happily, the holographic qualities are even stronger in Trustafarian than Dodgy! it's still not an in your face, screaming holo... but rather, a demure, elegant holo :) in some lights this polish looks more gold, and Butter London's description of it as 'sage' is perfect! the formula is awesome, two thick coats for full opacity. it dries with a slight amount shine, but i would definitely add a topcoat for lots and shine... and because topcoat doesn't seem to diminish the holographic qualities whatsoever!

two coats Trustafarian, one coat Seche Vite.

i highly recommend both of the Butter London holos... you can't go wrong with them! 

i'm a huge jewelry fan, especially vintage and artisan jewelry... would any of you be interested in seeing when i buy things like that? let me know! Ria :)

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