Friday, September 28, 2012

Coterie Butter London Haulage!

i've been going back and forth on whether i want to just go ahead and dye my hair at home since i'm only going to put in one color for the time being... and i think i've settled on going to a salon. i was looking at my shower today and that's just a horrible place to try and rinse out dye... and the sink would be a major mess. plus, i haven't dyed it myself since i got dye on my neck and gave myself a chemical burn trying to take it off (be careful mixing chemicals!!). so, i guess it's worth the money to me to have someone else just go ahead and do it... but, who knows, i may change my mind again :)

today i just wanted to share the six polishes and two topcoats i got from the Coterie Butter London sale! it came in two shipments, but the final one came yesterday... i am super excited! i'm so happy to have Wallis back in my grubby paws, it's just gorgeous... review on that will definitely be up soon. the order came nicely packed in bubble wrapped and then wrapped with black tissue paper... i love extra touches like that! the card the polishes are around came in both packages.

without further ado... here they are!

i would certainly order from Coterie again, i am one satisfied customer! i think i said Happy Friday yesterday... that's what i get for working late at night! so... for real this time, Happy Friday! Ria :)

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