Thursday, September 13, 2012

Revlon File-n-Smooth Nail File

the dreaded day... grocery day. we needed loads so it was a long trip, too... boooo. i love shopping so much that i keep trying to tell myself that food shopping is fun... it hasn't worked yet! if any of you guys shop at Safeway, you should definitely download their phone app... it has saved me so much money, $50 today  :D it's definitely worth going through all the categories for available coupons!

today we're taking a look at the Revlon File-n-Smooth Nail File, this is a product i've been wanting to review for some time, but i never remembered to grab a picture of the packaging! i apologize for this not being the greatest photo, i took it with my cell phone at CVS :) this file is metal with a plastic backing and is made to be used in both directions while filing! this is huge for me, because i have never had the patience to use a file in only one direction. another benefit is that you can use it on polished nails... it does not cause the polish to flake off! it does a really great job on different types of nails... it works on both my weak, peely nails and Mama Pawlish's strong, hard nails. i am not a fan of crystal files because of the way sound it makes and the way it feels on my nails (weird, i know), this is an excellent alternative! i've been using these for years now and can't imagine a better file :)

i really can't praise this file highly enough, it's an absolutely must in my nail arsenal! have any of you tried these? what do you think?

you can find these many places where Revlon is sold, although not all Revlon retailers carry this particular tool! it sells for around $5.

Happy Thursday! Ria :)

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