Saturday, September 22, 2012

Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Ring-a-Ding

Mr. Pawlish and i are hanging out watching Mythbusters and just relaxing. his new semester starts up on Monday, so he's having super chill weekend :) poor guy has really hard math classes this time... blegh! i'm definitely not a math girl, just glancing at the questions he has to answer is about enough to send me screaming from the room :D

today's polish is Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Ring-a-Ding. i thought it would look perfect over OPI Schnapps Out Of It!, and it does! it's a large hex glitter suspended in a clear base. it has three metallic colors... bronze, gold, and pink. it gives the effect of being multi-toned gold jewelry, so pretty! the formula is okay, i like that it is made to be a true topcoat (it would be really difficult to build this up to full opacity!). the glitter does tend to want to stick together, so you will probably have to push and pat it a little to get it where you want it... but it's not the worst i've ever used! i definitely recommend putting a sealing topcoat over it, as the glitter is pretty scratchy. i used, as usual, Seche Vite!

i hope you are all having a fantastic weekend! Ria :)

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