Thursday, September 20, 2012

Thursday Haulageday!

had my first full hour long facial today, i have to say it's very relaxing! we'll have to see how my skin does over the next few weeks to see if it's worth another $65 to start getting them on a regular basis. right now i'm leaning towards no... but i was a bit disappointed that the girl who did mine didn't do enough pore extraction. it wasn't the girl who did my last one and who i had thought would be doing this one... but i'm going to give it some time. i have noticed that my face has been less oily today than it usually is!

since i was over at Ulta, of course i had to hit all the shops over there for polish! i'll just show you the polishes i got, but i also picked up one of the pump liquid bottles to use with my acetone... it will make stamping so much easier :) let's get to it!

from Sally's i picked up another one from China Glaze's Bohemian line, i think i now have them all except for the Chanel Peridot dupe... i resisted as long as i could, but i saw some swatchies and i just had to have it after all :D i also picked up a Poshe Topcoat (i've never tried it before!) so i can compare it to Seche Vite!

at Ulta i swapped out my Butter London Wallis (which i just ordered from the Coterie sale!) for a gorgeous purple... one that i had put back in favor of Wallis on the day of the Ulta sale! and i found a couple more Barielles at Marshalls  :)

and i've discovered the brilliance of Ross! i still much prefer TJ Maxx... but i am digging Ross. they had a set of Sally Hansens for $5.99... i almost didn't get it because i really only wanted two of the polishes. however, at three bucks a piece, it's a good deal... and i'll give the more traditional Sallys a try that i've stayed away from purely because of how ugly i think the bottle is! shallow, but true :)

those browns had me at hello! Happy Thursday! Ria :)


  1. You'll love the Poshe. no shrinky-dinky with it.


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