Sunday, October 14, 2012

Barielle Princess

the weather here has been so strange lately... the temperature changes every day! we even had a thunderstorm a couple days ago... i was so happy to have one. it's strange the things you miss when you live in place where the weather changes so little... i actually miss the rain!

today's polish is Barielle Princess, a light pink creme. when i think of princesses i think of lots of glitz and sparkle, but this is just a very basic sparkle-free pink. it's lighter than a Pepto pink, but not one of those ultra-light pinks that verge on white. the formula is iffy, a very streaky first coat which mostly evens out at coat two. i could have left it at two coats, but i felt some places were slightly patchy and i felt it looked a lot better with three coats! i recommend adding topcoat to make it really shiny and rich.

three coats Princess, one coat Seche Vite.

i can't believe how quickly this weekend has slipped by, i hope that everyone has a great week! Ria :)

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