Sunday, October 21, 2012

China Glaze Cast A Spell

like we do a lot of Sundays, we just took it easy and hung out today. last night we went to a get together at our neighbors house, which was really nice. there were people there from other countries, i love hearing how different it is and the ways people do things other places! one gentleman is from Tanzania... it's almost unimaginably different than there than it is here in Northern California... and different again from Virginia :) one thing i learned that really surprised me is that it gets really cold in South Africa... i was always led to believe that it's stayed super hot there all the time!

today's polish is China Glaze Cast A Spell from their Wicked collection. i liked it in the bottle... then when i got it home i really wasn't sure it was anything special. i'm so glad i got it after using it today... it's gorgeous! it's a dark olive color with light yellow green shimmers... so pretty! the base is so dark that it has a blackened effect... so awesome with those light shimmer particles. the formula is outstanding... it was fully opaque in one coat! i did add a second coat... because that's what i feel comfortable with... but there really wasn't an appreciable difference between the two. just a little more rich looking! you'll want to add a coat of topcoat to  make everything shiny, as it does dry slightly dull.

two coats Cast A Spell, one coat Seche Vite.

i hope you've all had a fantastic weekend and that the week ahead is even better! Ria :)

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