Monday, October 8, 2012

China Glaze Make A Spectacle

we headed over to the mall today to get some lunch at Islands, one of our favorite burger places! i also had some Bath and Body Works coupons that i wanted to use... i am disappointed with them though, because you can no longer use the coupons to get the body mists for free. it's pretty lame to jack the price on one of the items everyone wants... i guess that's how business work, though!

today's polish is China Glaze Make A Spectacle, an iridescent glitter with both micro and large sized pieces. it's part of China Glaze's new Wicked collection, i picked up this polish and an olive green shimmer called Cast A Spell today! the pastel iridescent glitters are in a clear base, you could put over any color and it will look great. the formula is nice, it flows easily and you don't have to fight with it to get the polish spread out evenly! i put it over Layla Softouch Effect 03 Stone, it was as easy to apply on the nails with Seche Vite as on the nails that were still mattified :) i finished off the whole look with one coat of Poshe Topcoat!

tomorrow's post will be the last of my Layla Softouches! Ria :)

:: Layla Softouch Effect 03 Stone was given to me for review, these are my honest opinions! ::


  1. man, i want that so bad!! what kind of brush do you use to get that perfect cuticle clean line?

    1. well, that's a long answer! i don't usually need to do cleanup since i've painted my nails eleventy billion times, if i smudge a little i use a cuticle pusher to scrape it away. if i have a calamity i use the pointed eyeliner brush by Sonia Kashuk with pure acetone, it gives you a lot of control! however, i'm thinking of trying an angled liner brush since other people always use it! i also will edit out any boo boos i see once i've got the photo in Picasa! hope this helps :)

    2. I'll have to try the SK. I'm not happy with anything I've got right now. Thanks!!

  2. I love "Make a spectacle" and ordered it for myself. Looks great on a grey base.


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