Monday, October 29, 2012

Found Color Club Collection Sets At Marshalls!

whew, good workout today! it was pretty warm out and i spent most of the time working on my trot, so both the horse and i were super sweaty by the end. it was nice to be able to work on things that really needed practice, like my seated trot, without sacrificing learning new things during my lesson. i'm thinking adding a practice day is going to be really helpful :)

yesterday i found two Color Club collection sets at Marshalls... i was surprised because i had never seen them there before! it's nice that they are in their actual collections, as opposed to the ones you get at Ross that are just a mash-up labelled 'All About Color'. i had thought that these bottles would have name labels (the All About Color ones don't), but no such luck :( the other bummer is that the price at Marshalls is $2 more, $9.99 as opposed to $7.99 at Ross. however, i think it might be worth the $2 to be able to more easily find out the names! i really hope Color Club starts adding name labels to the polishes in its sets soon, it's something everyone complains about.

here are the two sets i got, both are glitter collections!

Back Stage Pass...

Beyond The Mistletoe...

i highly recommend running out to your local Marshalls and TJ Maxx, i've found such great stuff at Marshalls lately! let me know what you find! Ria :)


  1. oh! I wanted those so bad when we saw them at Cosmoprof!!!

    1. i almost didn't get them... but... i'm weakkkkk.

  2. Funny, I usually find full collections at my Ross. Never anything at my Marshalls! You're so lucky you found the Beyond the Mistletoe collection!

    1. oh, that's wild! i wish my Ross got in the real collections! :)


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