Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Julep Maven :: October 2012 It Girl Box

ugh, visited the horror of horrors today... the grocery store. we needed so much stuff that the cart was literally overflowing... the mind boggles! but, my mom and i managed to truck it all home :) times like those are when i curse all the steps leading up to my apartment... i keep trying to remind myself i need the exercise, but somehow that just doesn't help :D

i was really happy to find my Julep Maven box in the mail today! i (as usual) got the It Girl box that comes with three polishes. i really like the whole box this month... none of the colors are super original, but they are all colors i love... it's even got a silver crackle! plus, it came with candy corn, which i absolutely adore :D

here's the whole shebang...

and now focusing in on the polishes!

the extra treatie this month was two glitters, one orange and one black! i think it's so cute that the little glitter jar has the Julep flower on it.

a cool front is supposed to move through here tomorrow, i'm hoping it comes before my riding lesson! Ria :)

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