Monday, October 22, 2012

Maybelline Color Show Boho Gold

we were supposed to have loads of rain here today... it only rained a little bit, though! basically... only enough to make it muddy, but not enough to do any good. when i took the dogs out this morning, they were like... um, not staying out here, Mom! the sky's leaking! :D

today we have Maybelline Color Show Boho Gold, a shimmery coppery gold to green duochrome. it's from their Scene On The Runway collection! to get the duochrome to really show up, you'll need at least three coats. at two coats, the color change wasn't as strong and it was decidedly thin at the tips... you'll definitely want to wrap them with this polish! the color change is (of course!) much stronger in the bottle... but it is a pretty strong shift. adding topcoat adds a little shine and helps even everything out... this polish will show any imperfections in your nails!

three coats Boho Bold, one coat Seche Vite.

and in different lighting... the green shows up a bit more, but it was hard to capture on film!

i do love duochromes, they are so fun to wear... they keep me staring at my nails all day! Ria :)

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