Thursday, October 11, 2012

Maybelline Color Show Shocking Seas

today was Mama Pawlish's birthday! she didn't want to do anything very exciting... just have pancakes for lunch and steak for dinner :D we tried out the Black Bear Diner, i was pleasantly surprised to find that the food is awesome... and for sure the best prices we have seen around here! i'm so glad to have found it, because i'm a steak fiend, always have been :)

today's polish is Maybelline Color Show Shocking Seas. it's a nice teal leaning blue creme that is opaque in only two coats. the formula is pretty good, a little patchy on the first coat, but it evens out beautifully on coat two. it's much more vibrant than the photo shows, this is one of those colors that freaks out my camera!

two coats Shocking Seas, one coat Seche Vite.

i hope you've all had a great day... and just think... tomorrow's Friday! Ria :)

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