Saturday, October 27, 2012

Nicole by OPI Make U Smile

today our apartment complex had a Halloween event... and i'm majorly bummed because the Sheriff's Equestrian Team was supposed to come, but they didn't :( however, there was free pizza, popcorn, and cotton candy! so, i'm glad i went, even though the horsies didn't show up :)

i decided to put Nicole by OPI Make U Smile over yesterday's Barielle Suntini mani. it's a silver glitter with large hex and microglitter pieces. the pieces really look mirrored, it's a beautiful color of silver! i wasn't delighted with the formula... the clear base really overwhelms the glitter, the pieces don't want to stick on the nail. the large pieces were difficult to place... i found with two coats there were significantly more large pieces, but they still wanted to congregate at the top of the nail. it's still a pretty polish, it just offends my OCD sensibilities a little bit! it dries pretty smooth on its own, one coat of topcoat is all you'll need to seal it off.

two coats Make U Smile over Barielle Suntini, finished off with one coat of Poshe Topcoat.

i hope are all having a great weekend! Ria :)

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