Tuesday, October 23, 2012

OPI Just Spotted The Lizard vs. Maybelline Color Show Boho Gold

i had an awesome day today... i found out i was one of the lucky ones selected to purchase a limited edition Breyer horse that has wolves on it! two of my very favorite animals... i'm just so excited :D and tomorrow is my riding lesson, so that should be another fun horsie day, too :)

after yesterday's post i found myself wondering how close Maybelline Color Show Boho Gold is to OPI Just Spotted The Lizard. you find the initial review for Boho Gold here and the one for Just Spotted The Lizard here. i was pleasantly surprised to find that they aren't even close to being dupes! Boho Gold is far more coppery than Just Spotted The Lizard, and Just Spotted The Lizard has a stronger green shift than Boho Gold. Just Spotted The Lizard wins formula wise, it was two easy coats for full opacity, opposed to Boho Gold's three coats. the brushstrokes are slightly more visible in Just Spotted The Lizard, but not enough to be annoying to anyone.

Just Spotted The Lizard on pinkie and middle, Boho Gold on ring and pointer... both are topped with one coat of Seche Vite.

i would definitely say these are different enough to warrant getting both, especially if you're a big duochrome fan! i'm glad i have both :) i'm not even sure which i like better, i'm really into both of them!

do you have either of these? which would be your pick? Ria :)

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