Friday, October 5, 2012

Orly Here Comes Trouble

today was super fun, i've been looking forward to it since i found out last week that there was going to be a Jade Festival today! it was an awesome little craft type show where people showed off and sold their jade, both made into jewelry and just left as rocks. check out the site..., it lasts all weekend :)  i didn't know before i moved here, but California has its own jade! it's called Big Sur Jade and can be found all up and down the Big Sur coast. i haven't gone jade hunting yet, but i certainly plan to :D i bought a few jade pendants and an amazing labradorite pendant that's greY and flashes pink... basically, that rock was made for me... my two absolute favorite colors!! :) we took the dogs with us, which was great for the most part... except when Jewels threw up in the car :\ guess all those twisty mountain turns were too much for her tummy!

in honor of the Jade Fest, i just had to wear green! i chose Orly Here Comes Trouble, a warm green glitter. this is both regular sized and microglitter pieces, so i was able to get it fully opaque in only three coats! two coats was actually really great coverage, and if i wasn't so crazy about VNL, i would have left it at that. it's very sparkly on it's own and dries fairly smooth, so i just used one coat of topcoat to seal it in.

three coats Here Comes Trouble, one coat Poshe Topcoat.

today was absolutely wonderful, a fantastic start to my husband's four day weekend! i hope you all had great days, too!! Ria :)

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