Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Sation Holiday Golightly Collection Press

i got some exciting Sation press info from Miss Professional Nail in my email today and i couldn't wait to share it with you all! their upcoming six polish collection is called 'Holiday Golightly' and is inspired by Audrey Hepburn's character Holly Golightly (and her love of gems!) in Breakfast at Tiffany's... how cute is that?!

here's the press photo...

and here is their yummy descriptions of the colors!

“Under the Miss-letoe,” a pearlescent pine green; “Feliz Navi-doll,” an icy crystalline grayish-white; “I Love Yule,” a velvety poinsettia red; “Let’s Mingle & Jingle,” a silver-spangled sapphire blue; “Holiday Golightly,” a glistening Robin’s egg blue, and “Stop Scrooging Around,” a gold-sparkled ruby wine."

i am seriously drooling for that 'silver-spangled sapphire blue'... that's a Ria color if i ever heard one! :D

*update* the release date got pushed back a little bit, but you should be able to find the collection in mid-November at beauty supply stores and online at Miss Professional Nail here. the collection is available for viewing and pre-order online now, this is the direct link!!

i hope you enjoyed this sneak peek at Holiday Golightly, and that you're have a great week! Ria :)

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