Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Sation's Landed At Marshalls Haul!

i'm so glad it was cooler today than it has been over the past couple days... but it was still much warmer than it usual! horseback riding is definitely more strenuous when it's hot, i thought i might melt at a couple points! we did some dressage work today, so at least we weren't doing intense stuff. dressage is really hard, by the way :D my mind is spinning over all the things i need to keep in mind... just to do the utter basics!

after riding i headed over to the big shopping center around here to pick up a few things... and ended up with polish! you're all so shocked, right? i've been trying not to buy stuff full priced lately, instead buying it after it's clearanced or sent to a discount store... and it's working out well! a few Sation polishes have hit the shelves of my local Marshalls... for only $2.99!! so, be sure to check your local Marshalls, TJ Maxx and Winners stores :) these were mixed in with the other polishes, there wasn't a separate display or anything. i got a few different colors and one cool glitter! also in the photo are a Barielle i got at Marshalls and Nailtiques 2 Plus i grabbed at Ulta... my nails are good with their regular 2 formula, but i'm thinking mine fit the description of 'excessive problem nails' on the box :D

here's the goods!

i ran into Ross as well, and they had a couple Color Club packs... so, of course, i grabbed those too! these are the colors...

i wanted to show how different the new 'All About Color' packaging is! this is the same set as the top one above, but you can't really see the colors while they're in the packaging!

one other thing i wanted to mention is that Mama Pawlish loves the Rock Your Hair Miracle Leave-In Conditioner so much that she used it up and i had to buy her a new one today! she says it's the best she's ever used by far, and it makes her hair so much more manageable :D

check back tomorrow for some LAYLA! Ria :)


  1. So I have an odd question for you, but for the color clubs from ross, do you happen to know what the names of the colors are? I was able to find the same two collections, but they are unnamed and it is driving me crazy trying to find the names of them.

    1. that's not an odd question at all! sadly, i don't know the names of the polishes either... i guess that's the trade off for getting them so cheaply. the only way to get the names is to search around on the internet... sorry i don't have a better answer!! it drives me crazy, too :)

    2. that;s ok. thanks. I did manage to find names for most of them.
      1st pic (start light pink through to gold glitter)
      Light pink: Ready to Wear
      "foil" pink: Antiquated
      Red/gold duochrome: Black-ish
      Dark purple jelly: Ready to Royal
      Odd "foil" that's kind of green: Snakeskin
      Gold Glitter: Take the Stage
      2nd pic (starting red)
      Red shimmer: Velvet Rope
      Dark red jelly: Haute Couture
      purple shimmer:Secret agent
      blue/turqoise shimmer: emerald depths
      light blue "foil": lumin-icent
      the blue glitter: Sexy siren (**i think, as I don't have that one**)
      I am not 100% sure on some of these names, but they are the closest I could find. Hope this helps you :)

    3. :O thank you so much for posting this!!! xoxox


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