Friday, November 30, 2012

Pixi Early Bird Kit!

i'm so happy to be able to share with you all close up pictures and swatches from the Pixi Early Bird Kit! i received this for review and i about fainted when i pulled it out of the box... the packaging is adorable, and there are loads of gorgeous colors inside the palette! this is something you can travel with and would need very little else. it has three cheek shades/blushes, two bronzers, one face glow/highlight, four eye base shades/shadows, and sixteen eye shades/shadows... basically, limitless combinations!

let's get into the pictures!

this is the packaging, the top box is what the palette comes in and what you'll see on the shelf in the store.

this is what the inside looks like, the outside flaps are the face shades and the inside is the eye shades!

we'll start at the top and work our to the bottom with swatches :) it starts off with the three blushes!

next up is the first set of colored eye shadows. since there are so many, i numbered them to make it easier to identify the swatch :)

next up is the eye base shades. these are quite pale... and since i also and quite pale, they don't show up as well as i'd like on me. sorry about that!! 

then we have the second set of colored shadows, i numbered them like i did the first set!

last up is the contouring face shades, two bronzers and one glow/highlight!

the Pixi Early Bird Kit retails for $34 and can be found at Target stores and, and also

i hope you enjoyed learning about this kit, i've certainly enjoyed using it! if i travel over Christmas, this is what's going to come with me! 

Happy Friday!! Ria :)

:: this product was sent for review, these are my honest opinions! ::

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Found Some Color Club Sets at Ross!

i had the best intentions of editting the Pixi Early Bird palette swatches today, but life got in the way :) i ran errands all day, and this evening we went to visit some friends that just had a baby! so, i thought i'd show you the two Color Club sets i found at Ross today... one of them was an actual collection... which marks the first time i've found anything at Ross but the mixed bag 'All About Color' sets.

the collection is Untamed Luxury... i just love that name! i feel like everyone can use a little untamed luxury :) this unfortunately has colors that weren't in the original collection, though... what's up that?! i'm still working on new locations and lighting for pictures... i'm not loving this one, but it's better than some!

and the All About Color set... i had to buy this one for that pink foil! sorry about the pink ball in the background, that's the base of my OTT light... back to the drawing board for lighting setups.

i was tempted not to buy these because i STILL have not resolved my missing Halo Hues polish issue with Color Club. i keep calling, they keep swearing to call back... over and over. not cool! hopefully they'll send it soon. 

Happy Thursday!! Ria :)

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Pixi Holiday Lid Last Shadow Pen Duo

it decided to POUR rain this morning, so we weren't able to have our horseback riding lesson this morning... which means no show this weekend! i'm a bit bummed, but that's how life goes. i guess it will be 2013 before i debut my pink saddle pad :D

today i have photos and swatches for the Pixi Holiday Lid Last Shadow Pen Duo! i was planning on posting them along with the Early Bird palette... but that turned out to be loads more photos than i had anticipated. so, tomorrow's post will be Early Bird :)

this duo comes with Shell Sheen and Brun Beam. Shell Sheen is a light pink that is slightly shimmery, but not in a glittery, coarse way... sheen really is a great description! Brun Beam is a dark brown, it makes me think of black coffee. both are creamy and easy to apply! you can use these by themselves or as a base for eye shadow, they dry down to a powdery finish. they are free of parabens, triclosan, sulfates and pthalates; but, they have Vitamin E in them to help protect your lids!

this is the packaging...

and the pens themselves!

and finally, the swatches :)

the Pixi Lid Last Shadow Pen Duo retails for $12 and can be found at Target stores and, and also!

i hope everyone is having a fantastic week! Ria :)

:: these products were sent to me for review, these are my honest opinions! ::

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Benefit The POREfessional

it's been a long day working with my dog Jewels... she has suddenly decided she's afraid of the backyard (i know, it's bizarre). so, we're working on getting used to the backyard again, which means being taken out on the leash and given treats for going potty... it's frustrating! i think she might have fallen in a mole hole and it really freaked her out... but i'm not sure.

today's post is on my favorite makeup primer, Benefit The POREfessional! i've bought it a few months ago when i got my eyebrows waxed at the Benefit Brow Bar. they used it on me then and i've been hooked ever since! it's a balm that is meant to reduce the appearance of pores and act as a base for your makeup. it's also mattifying, which is a definite requirement in a primer for me. The POREfessional definitely extends how well my foundation stays on, it also makes it so that i need less foundation to get the same amount of coverage... the stuff is just awesome. when i'm in a hurry, i'll briefly consider skipping it... but i might as well not apply foundation then, because i know my foundation will disappear much more quickly without it!

you don't need much to do your entire face, i use a pea sized blob or less. i rub it into my fingertips and then spread it around my face, usually starting around my nose. to finish off, i pat it in. patting it was suggested in the directions, and i do feel it helps it set! it dries translucent so any skin tone can use it, which is great for hard to match tones like mine :)

The POREfessional comes in a tube packaged in an adorable box.

the box is made to look like there is a doll inside, you open up the top flap of the box and find this...

i just love the packaging so much, i'm keeping the box :D

you can find this product where ever Benefit is sold for $30. since it's the holiday season, you can find it in sets where for around the same price you get multiple products! check around and see which store has the set you like best, because most of them have different ones.

have you tried this product? what did you think? do you have a favorite primer? Ria :)

Monday, November 26, 2012

Essence Break Through

went riding today (best way to spend a Monday) and worked on my walk/trot transitions for my first show... this weekend! i can't believe it's already here, i'm pretty nervous. i keep telling myself the worst possible thing that can happen is i fall off and thoroughly embarrass myself... right? today i managed to let him slam my knee into a fence rail as we were going out through a gate... ouchie. got a nice goose egg there now!

today's polish is Essence Colour & Go Break Through, which is a bright, warm purple creme. it applied just as nicely as i'd hoped, two easy coats for full opacity. this is one which can look quite different depending on what type of lighting you're in. this swatch looks closest to what it will look like in natural lighting! it dries shiny on its own, but i wanted to add a topcoat... the first one i tried refused to dry, so i went with Seche Vite... it really is the best!

two coats Break Through, two coats of topcoat.

i'm hoping to get the swatches up for the Pixi Early Bird kit up tomorrow, i've decided i need a 'model' arm, and nobody was available today! Happy Monday! Ria :)

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Pixi Holiday Nail Colour Trio!

after yesterday's overview of the Pixi Holiday Kits, i wanted to bring you swatches of the Nail Colour Trio today! there are two glitters and one shimmer that can all be used alone or combined for different looks. it retails for $12, which is an amazing deal since one Pixi polish usually retails for $8!

i took another picture of the packaging, this time there is no reflection so you can more see the actual colors :) i just love the little bird!

first up is Gold Glimmer, a dense gold glitter with holographic silver pieces. the glitter is so dense that it is opaque enough to wear on its own in two coats! it also dries quite smooth, so i didn't even add a topcoat... but adding one would help out the longevity of your mani. since glitter polishes are made up of separate piece, it makes it easier for bits to chip off. Gold Glimmer makes your nails look like they are covered in gold gilt, and the holographic particles add extra visual interest. this is a perfect party polish!

two coats Gold Glimmer.

next up is the other glitter, Diamond Glimmer. this one is chock full of iridescent glitter pieces! i think it would be nearly impossible to get it fully opaque on its own; however, it make for a really elegant mani all by itself. for this swatch i used two coats, which was enough to obscure my natural nails, but not cover them. this would be stunning over french tips! it dries slightly dull, so you'll want to add a shine topcoat.

two coats Diamond Glimmer, one coat Seche Vite.

last up is the red shimmer Ruby Glitz. it has a cherry red almost jelly-like base with loads of brighter cherry shimmers... it looks like Dorothy's ruby slippers from Wizard of Oz!  i was really impressed with the opacity, it only took two coats for full opacity and had excellent coverage at one. it dries quite dull, so definitely add a shine topcoat to bring out all the beauty of this polish! a picture cannot do this one justice, you definitely want to see it in person :D

two coats Ruby Glitz, one coat Seche Vite.

and here's what it looks like to combine the polishes! Diamond Glimmer definitely gives a more subtle effect than Gold Glimmer over Ruby Glitz.

one coat Gold Glimmer on pinky and middle, one coat Diamond Glimmer on ring and pointer, everything finished off with one coat of Seche Vite!

these beauties and other Pixi products can be found at Target stores and, and also! Pixi polishes are free of DBP, toluene, and formaldehyde :)

the other Pixi Holiday Kit swatches should be up tomorrow... if i can figure out how to get them photographed! these will be my first time swatching anything but nail polish, so i'm a bit nervous. i hope you've all had a great weekend! Ria :)

:: these polishes were sent to me for review, these are my honest opinions! ::

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Pixi Holiday Kits!

today i wanted to share with you an overview of Pixi's new holiday kits! i will be posting swatches of the individual items over the next few days, but i thought it'd be nice to start out with a post showing all three things. the packaging is so adorable, it's something i'd immediately be drawn to in a store... in fact, i saw these on display at Target and was so happy i had been sent them for review :D

the biggest thing from this collection is an awesome palette than contains eyeshadows, blushes, and contouring shades! it's called the Early Bird Kit and it retails for $34.

when you see it in the store, it comes in a box like this...

the palette itself has two halves that fold out, little ribbons are attached to make the halves easier to lift!

and here's all the goodies on the inside... they're all so beautiful!

there is also a Nail Colour Trio with a gold glitter, a shimmery red, and an iridescent glitter. it retails for only $12, which is a fantastic value since Pixi polishes normally retail for $8!

please ignore the pink you can see in the gold, somehow my shirt was reflecting onto the polish!

last up we have the Lid Last Shadow Pen Duo in brown and pink. these are made to be a one-step eye look creator, i can't wait to try them out! they retail for $12.

the packaging for these doesn't disappoint, it's just as cute as the others!

Pixi products can be found at Target stores and, and also!

check back over the next few days to see swatches of everything... let me know if you would like me to do some makeup tutorials with it! Ria :)

p.s.... did anyone notice my toes accidentally made a cameo in one of the shots?! :D

:: these products were sent to me for review, these are my honest opinions! ::

Friday, November 23, 2012

It's a Black Friday Haulageday!

whew, Mr. Pawlish and i were out until about 2 am... i was so tired today! i was a bit disappointed by Express, it was the first time this store was ever open, but they didn't have any extra specials that weren't going on at every Express store... but Mr. Pawlish found a couple things for himself, and at 50% off, it was still a good deal. i ended paying full price for everything i bought at Ulta (minus their usual coupon)... but it was SO worth it!

what nearly made me pass out from glee was finding Layla's Christmas In Laylaland collection! i've been lemming it massively ever since seeing it at Cosmoprof... and it's finally mine :D

here's what the display looks like...

and the bottles close up! the purple one is called The Butterfly Effect and has orange/green flakies... GORGEOUS! i've been talking about this one nonstop since Cosmoprof... my family is so glad i finally have my little paws on it :D

the bottle shots!

i also picked up Zoya's Ornate collection... i've been wanting this one since reading the description on Zoya's website a few months ago! i prefer to buy polish in person though... i'm not really sure why since i love shopping online. 

here's the display!

sorry these display pictures aren't very good, my cell phone has suddenly started taking terrible pictures... time for a new one, i think! i also didn't notice that one of the Zoya bottles was really off kilter... whoops! 

on to the bottle shots :)

i also grabbed three more Essence polishes... i wanted to try out their cremes and they had another shimmer. 

here they are!

i'm trying out taking pictures in natural light... not sure how i like it. i also got some reflections on the bottles that distort the color, which is frustrating. what do you guys think?

did you guys head out for Black Friday? what'd you get?? Ria :)

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Orly Lollipop

Happy Thanksgiving!! i hope you've all had a wonderful day :) we went to my mom's church for Thanksgiving dinner, they hosted it for people who aren't around their families. it was awesome because i really miss the big dinners my mom used to host when i was younger. i ate way too much, which is pretty well required, and i made some new friends. all in all, a fantastic day.

today's polish is Orly Lollipop. it's a warm lavender creme from their regular line... i've had it for awhile, don't know why i haven't busted it out yet! (couldn't be those million bottles i have waiting... nahhh.) it applies really nicely, almost a one coater and fully opaque at two coats. it is a trifle runny, so watch out for cuticle pooling! it dries shiny but not super shiny, so it benefits from a shine topcoat.

two coats Lollipop, one coat Seche Vite.

Mr. Pawlish and i are getting ready to head out to the Black Friday sales, the ones we want to go to start at Midnight! ridiculous! every year i swear i'm not going out... and every year, i do. i guess i'm the crazy one! hopefully i'll have some fun haulage for tomorrow... Happy Thanksgiving, again! Ria :)

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Sation For Better Or Never

had my riding lesson today, it was really great :) i rode the horse i usually ride, i missed him when i rode a different horse on Monday! he's a bit of a turkey, but that's what i love about him. i went through my test a few times and found out i'm going to start basic eventing next year... that means jumping :D

today's polish is my pick for my Thanksgiving mani! it's Sation For Better Or Never from their Multi-Glitter line. it's a brown toned medium pink creme with blue and holographic hex glitters and lots of holographic little glitter pieces. the colors in this really make me think of Thanksgiving... although my mom said it made her think of Christmas! the formula is good, a bit thick, but fully opaque in two coats. it dries pretty smooth, but a bit dull, so definitely add a shine topcoat :)

two coats For Better Or Never, one coat Seche Vite.

it generally looks a bit less bright than it does in this picture,  my camera loves to make these tones a bit off!

i hope you all have a great Thanksgiving! Ria :)

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Sally Hansen complete Salon Manicure Black and Blue

Mama Pawlish and i headed to the grocery store today to buy supplies for Thanksgiving! i'm so excited, i love Thanksgiving food :) there were lots of people there... but nobody compared to what it would be like at the Virginia Beach commissary today. that was really nice, i didn't miss waiting in a line that snaked through the whole store one bit!

today's polish is Sally Hansen complete Salon Manicure Black and Blue... one that i saw sitting on the shelf and couldn't leave the store without! it's amazing in the bottle and it does translate to the nail, although not as well as i'd hoped. it's a teal to blue/purple duochrome pearl... really gorgeous. the teal alone would make a beautiful polish, but that added color shift is stunning! i took lots of pictures, but that purple tone just wouldn't show up... i did get a couple of the blue tones, though. the formula is good, but a bit runny for my taste. it is opaque in two coats, just be careful of having too much on the brush, as you might end up with brushstrokes and/or it'll pool in the cuticles! you'll want to add topcoat to make it shiny :)

two coats Black and Blue, one coat Seche Vite.

yep, all those photos are of the same polish! Ria :)

Monday, November 19, 2012

Peek In My Drawer!

i'm super frustrated today with both my pharmacy and my doctor's office. i don't know where the breakdown in communication is... but it makes getting my prescriptions refilled a nightmare. so, despite multiple calls both places, i don't have one of my medicines for tonight! since i'm cranky, i thought i'd just share a fun picture today of my blog polish drawer :) these are all polishes that i've used on the blog this year... i keep them separate because i don't want to get confused... and i'm easily confused :D

i only keep polishes that i purchased myself in this drawer, which makes it easy to know when i need to leave a disclaimer when i reuse a polish. keeping polish all jumbled up in a drawer like this is not ideal, but i haven't  decided on how i want to store the used ones yet... so, until then, this is it :D

 i hope you all have had a much better Monday than i have! Ria :)

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Zoya Kissy

we went to a Thanksgiving church service tonight, which was nice... it was especially nice because they had a 'pie social' afterwards! i'm always more excited to go anywhere that offers food :D

today's polish is Zoya Kissy. i didn't feel like putting on a whole new mani today, so i updated Zoya Charisma with this glitter... i liked it so much i did it on all ten fingers! Kissy is a pink bar and hex glitter with holographic bar pieces. on top of Charisma the pink glitter looks a lot more red, that really surprised me. i used two coats to get really good coverage and have the effect of just having glitter on my nails. it dries rough, so you'll want to add topcoat to make it smooth and bring out all the sparkles!

Zoya Charisma mani, two coats Kissy, one coat Seche Vite.

the closer you look at Kissy, the more red it looks... i guess that's why it looks so red on camera! 

i hope you've all had a great weekend! Ria :)

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Zoya Charisma

Mr. Pawlish and i went thrifting today, but didn't find anything interesting. the place we went to is an open air mall... and it was raining today! i felt like such goober having to run around in the rain... surprisingly, there was quite a lot of people there, though. we had lunch at a local deli that was serving a meatball sub... and it was awesome! sadly, it's just a seasonal food there... but it's better than nothing. all the other meatball subs i've tried in Cali (even Subway!) have had weird tasting meatballs!

today's polish is Zoya Charisma. it's a really bright berry creme that changes according to the light. sometimes it's a dark raspberry! this is one that's impossible to capture in a photograph, it's one you have to try on. it applies darker than it looks in the bottle as well, so that's not super helpful either! it's absolutely gorgeous, though :) the formula is good, complete opacity in two coats... but it dries rubbery and dull. it becomes super shiny and a bit squishy looking once a topcoat is added!

two coats Charisma, one coat Seche Vite.

i can't believe next week is Thanksgiving! have to hit the grocery store soon... luckily, we don't need massive amounts of food since it's just the three of us. are you guys ready for the holiday? Ria :)

Friday, November 16, 2012

Friday Haulageday... Found Sation At Marshalls Again!

hit up Marshalls today and was ecstatic to find some more Sation there! if you're interested, i recommend heading over to your local Marshalls and TJ Maxx... there were a lot more colors than the first time i found it there... including some of their new multi-glitters!

i bought both the multi-glitters they had... i'm especially excited about the green one :D

i got a few other colors, too... but there were quite a few more!

i found a few other polishes at different places... i'm most excited about Sally Hansen Black and Blue... in the bottle it's a teal to purple duochrome, hopefully that holds up on the nail!! check out Target for clearance Nicole by OPI, this one was under five bucks and it's from the holiday collection :)

and finally, got another All About Color Color Club set at Ross... this one has a couple neons!

i'm working on changing my setup to get more accurate colors... it's a little better with the white, but still not there yet!

Happy Weekend! Ria :)

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Essie Dive Bar

Mama Pawlish and i were supposed to run some errands today, but she woke up (or really, never went to sleep :( ) sick... so, it was just an at home day. i've been obsessed with watching RuPaul's Drag Race lately, it's hilarious! i have to say, i really love drag queens :)

today's polish is Essie Dive Bar. i can't believe i've never put this one on the blog before, i've had it for quite awhile! it's a a teal shimmer in a blackened base. in some lights it almost looks completely black! it's similar to Pixi Evening Emerald, but it's far less sparkly and a bit darker. if i could only have one, it would be the Pixi... but i love them both!! in the bottle you can sometimes see what looks like a purplish navy duochrome around the corners... but that doesn't translate at all to the nail, sadly! the formula is a bit patchy on the first coat, but evens out beautifully on the second to full opacity. definitely add topcoat to make this polish shiny and bring out all the shimmer!

two coats Dive Bar, one coat Seche Vite.

chin up everyone, it's almost Friday! Ria :)