Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Benefit The POREfessional

it's been a long day working with my dog Jewels... she has suddenly decided she's afraid of the backyard (i know, it's bizarre). so, we're working on getting used to the backyard again, which means being taken out on the leash and given treats for going potty... it's frustrating! i think she might have fallen in a mole hole and it really freaked her out... but i'm not sure.

today's post is on my favorite makeup primer, Benefit The POREfessional! i've bought it a few months ago when i got my eyebrows waxed at the Benefit Brow Bar. they used it on me then and i've been hooked ever since! it's a balm that is meant to reduce the appearance of pores and act as a base for your makeup. it's also mattifying, which is a definite requirement in a primer for me. The POREfessional definitely extends how well my foundation stays on, it also makes it so that i need less foundation to get the same amount of coverage... the stuff is just awesome. when i'm in a hurry, i'll briefly consider skipping it... but i might as well not apply foundation then, because i know my foundation will disappear much more quickly without it!

you don't need much to do your entire face, i use a pea sized blob or less. i rub it into my fingertips and then spread it around my face, usually starting around my nose. to finish off, i pat it in. patting it was suggested in the directions, and i do feel it helps it set! it dries translucent so any skin tone can use it, which is great for hard to match tones like mine :)

The POREfessional comes in a tube packaged in an adorable box.

the box is made to look like there is a doll inside, you open up the top flap of the box and find this...

i just love the packaging so much, i'm keeping the box :D

you can find this product where ever Benefit is sold for $30. since it's the holiday season, you can find it in sets where for around the same price you get multiple products! check around and see which store has the set you like best, because most of them have different ones.

have you tried this product? what did you think? do you have a favorite primer? Ria :)

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