Saturday, November 3, 2012

Butter London Bluey

Mr. Pawlish, Mama Pawlish and i all went out to Lover's Point in Pacific Grove today... glad we didn't take the dogs since apparently they aren't allowed there. it's a really beautiful rocky outcropping of land that you can climb out on... it ends in a pretty steep drop, so i don't recommend climbing all the way out to the end if you're afraid of heights! we were hoping to see some otters... but they were hiding. we did see one right as we were about to leave who was really hauling tail, i wonder where he was off to in such a hurry :)

today's polish is Butter London Bluey, a gorgeous teal shimmer. the name is a bit misleading, since it has a lot of green in it to be called blue... Tealy would be far more accurate... but doesn't sounds as cute! the formula is a bit more sheer than i would prefer, i used three coats for my swatch fingers and and two thick coats on the rest... i do think it looks best with three coats. it does have a tendency to sheer out at the tips, so be careful... you might want to wrap your tips :) you'll definitely want to add topcoat for shine to bring out the shimmer... two coats would probably look even better than the one i used!

three coats Bluey, one coat Poshe Topcoat.

i hope you're all having a fantastic weekend! Ria :)


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