Monday, November 26, 2012

Essence Break Through

went riding today (best way to spend a Monday) and worked on my walk/trot transitions for my first show... this weekend! i can't believe it's already here, i'm pretty nervous. i keep telling myself the worst possible thing that can happen is i fall off and thoroughly embarrass myself... right? today i managed to let him slam my knee into a fence rail as we were going out through a gate... ouchie. got a nice goose egg there now!

today's polish is Essence Colour & Go Break Through, which is a bright, warm purple creme. it applied just as nicely as i'd hoped, two easy coats for full opacity. this is one which can look quite different depending on what type of lighting you're in. this swatch looks closest to what it will look like in natural lighting! it dries shiny on its own, but i wanted to add a topcoat... the first one i tried refused to dry, so i went with Seche Vite... it really is the best!

two coats Break Through, two coats of topcoat.

i'm hoping to get the swatches up for the Pixi Early Bird kit up tomorrow, i've decided i need a 'model' arm, and nobody was available today! Happy Monday! Ria :)

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