Friday, November 23, 2012

It's a Black Friday Haulageday!

whew, Mr. Pawlish and i were out until about 2 am... i was so tired today! i was a bit disappointed by Express, it was the first time this store was ever open, but they didn't have any extra specials that weren't going on at every Express store... but Mr. Pawlish found a couple things for himself, and at 50% off, it was still a good deal. i ended paying full price for everything i bought at Ulta (minus their usual coupon)... but it was SO worth it!

what nearly made me pass out from glee was finding Layla's Christmas In Laylaland collection! i've been lemming it massively ever since seeing it at Cosmoprof... and it's finally mine :D

here's what the display looks like...

and the bottles close up! the purple one is called The Butterfly Effect and has orange/green flakies... GORGEOUS! i've been talking about this one nonstop since Cosmoprof... my family is so glad i finally have my little paws on it :D

the bottle shots!

i also picked up Zoya's Ornate collection... i've been wanting this one since reading the description on Zoya's website a few months ago! i prefer to buy polish in person though... i'm not really sure why since i love shopping online. 

here's the display!

sorry these display pictures aren't very good, my cell phone has suddenly started taking terrible pictures... time for a new one, i think! i also didn't notice that one of the Zoya bottles was really off kilter... whoops! 

on to the bottle shots :)

i also grabbed three more Essence polishes... i wanted to try out their cremes and they had another shimmer. 

here they are!

i'm trying out taking pictures in natural light... not sure how i like it. i also got some reflections on the bottles that distort the color, which is frustrating. what do you guys think?

did you guys head out for Black Friday? what'd you get?? Ria :)

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