Thursday, November 22, 2012

Orly Lollipop

Happy Thanksgiving!! i hope you've all had a wonderful day :) we went to my mom's church for Thanksgiving dinner, they hosted it for people who aren't around their families. it was awesome because i really miss the big dinners my mom used to host when i was younger. i ate way too much, which is pretty well required, and i made some new friends. all in all, a fantastic day.

today's polish is Orly Lollipop. it's a warm lavender creme from their regular line... i've had it for awhile, don't know why i haven't busted it out yet! (couldn't be those million bottles i have waiting... nahhh.) it applies really nicely, almost a one coater and fully opaque at two coats. it is a trifle runny, so watch out for cuticle pooling! it dries shiny but not super shiny, so it benefits from a shine topcoat.

two coats Lollipop, one coat Seche Vite.

Mr. Pawlish and i are getting ready to head out to the Black Friday sales, the ones we want to go to start at Midnight! ridiculous! every year i swear i'm not going out... and every year, i do. i guess i'm the crazy one! hopefully i'll have some fun haulage for tomorrow... Happy Thanksgiving, again! Ria :)

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