Monday, November 19, 2012

Peek In My Drawer!

i'm super frustrated today with both my pharmacy and my doctor's office. i don't know where the breakdown in communication is... but it makes getting my prescriptions refilled a nightmare. so, despite multiple calls both places, i don't have one of my medicines for tonight! since i'm cranky, i thought i'd just share a fun picture today of my blog polish drawer :) these are all polishes that i've used on the blog this year... i keep them separate because i don't want to get confused... and i'm easily confused :D

i only keep polishes that i purchased myself in this drawer, which makes it easy to know when i need to leave a disclaimer when i reuse a polish. keeping polish all jumbled up in a drawer like this is not ideal, but i haven't  decided on how i want to store the used ones yet... so, until then, this is it :D

 i hope you all have had a much better Monday than i have! Ria :)

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