Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Sally Hansen complete Salon Manicure Black and Blue

Mama Pawlish and i headed to the grocery store today to buy supplies for Thanksgiving! i'm so excited, i love Thanksgiving food :) there were lots of people there... but nobody compared to what it would be like at the Virginia Beach commissary today. that was really nice, i didn't miss waiting in a line that snaked through the whole store one bit!

today's polish is Sally Hansen complete Salon Manicure Black and Blue... one that i saw sitting on the shelf and couldn't leave the store without! it's amazing in the bottle and it does translate to the nail, although not as well as i'd hoped. it's a teal to blue/purple duochrome pearl... really gorgeous. the teal alone would make a beautiful polish, but that added color shift is stunning! i took lots of pictures, but that purple tone just wouldn't show up... i did get a couple of the blue tones, though. the formula is good, but a bit runny for my taste. it is opaque in two coats, just be careful of having too much on the brush, as you might end up with brushstrokes and/or it'll pool in the cuticles! you'll want to add topcoat to make it shiny :)

two coats Black and Blue, one coat Seche Vite.

yep, all those photos are of the same polish! Ria :)


i'd love to hear from you guys! let me know if you have any questions or advice :)