Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sation Midtown Haze

nothing too exciting to report today, just hanging out at home with the doggies! however, that's pretty much my favorite kind of day :) i meant to rearrange my craft/nail area today... but that didn't happen! next weekend is a four day weekend for Mr. Pawlish, so maybe it will happen then. one of my desks is super heavy, i'd much rather have his help than try and force that behemoth around by myself :D once i get it all set up i will do a little tour :)

today's polish is one of the Sations i picked up at Marshalls (wish they'd get in more!!), Midtown Haze. it's a pretty unusual polish, much different than i thought it would be by looking at the bottle! in the bottle it looks like your basic deep vamp burgundy creme... however, it's a actually a dark cranberry jelly! it really reminds me of cranberry sauce out of the can (like you eat at Thanksgiving and Christmas... does anyone else eat that for the holidays?). it actually looks just like *fair warning, this may gross you out* blood looks in the tube after you gets your blood drawn... a little syrupy, squishy, and deep burgundy. i used two-three coats on each nail, depending on how the coverage was. my complaint with the formula is that it wants to pool on either side of the nail, leaving the middle with far less coverage. it also looks quite thin at the nail tips, that might be fixed by wrapping... but i'm not sure with this formula! it dried super shiny on its own, but i did add a coat of Seche Vite to finish it off.

two-three coats Midtown Haze, one coat Seche Vite.

this is a really gorgeous polish, so i'm willing to forgive its formula issues. i highly recommend trying it out, it really calls attention to itself on your nails. 

Happy Sunday! Ria :)

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