Saturday, November 17, 2012

Zoya Charisma

Mr. Pawlish and i went thrifting today, but didn't find anything interesting. the place we went to is an open air mall... and it was raining today! i felt like such goober having to run around in the rain... surprisingly, there was quite a lot of people there, though. we had lunch at a local deli that was serving a meatball sub... and it was awesome! sadly, it's just a seasonal food there... but it's better than nothing. all the other meatball subs i've tried in Cali (even Subway!) have had weird tasting meatballs!

today's polish is Zoya Charisma. it's a really bright berry creme that changes according to the light. sometimes it's a dark raspberry! this is one that's impossible to capture in a photograph, it's one you have to try on. it applies darker than it looks in the bottle as well, so that's not super helpful either! it's absolutely gorgeous, though :) the formula is good, complete opacity in two coats... but it dries rubbery and dull. it becomes super shiny and a bit squishy looking once a topcoat is added!

two coats Charisma, one coat Seche Vite.

i can't believe next week is Thanksgiving! have to hit the grocery store soon... luckily, we don't need massive amounts of food since it's just the three of us. are you guys ready for the holiday? Ria :)

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