Sunday, November 18, 2012

Zoya Kissy

we went to a Thanksgiving church service tonight, which was nice... it was especially nice because they had a 'pie social' afterwards! i'm always more excited to go anywhere that offers food :D

today's polish is Zoya Kissy. i didn't feel like putting on a whole new mani today, so i updated Zoya Charisma with this glitter... i liked it so much i did it on all ten fingers! Kissy is a pink bar and hex glitter with holographic bar pieces. on top of Charisma the pink glitter looks a lot more red, that really surprised me. i used two coats to get really good coverage and have the effect of just having glitter on my nails. it dries rough, so you'll want to add topcoat to make it smooth and bring out all the sparkles!

Zoya Charisma mani, two coats Kissy, one coat Seche Vite.

the closer you look at Kissy, the more red it looks... i guess that's why it looks so red on camera! 

i hope you've all had a great weekend! Ria :)


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